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  • Australian Owned
  • Fast dispatch
  • 30 Day Return Policy
  • Industry Leading Support


  • Australian Owned
  • Fast dispatch
  • 30 Day Return Policy
  • Fast dispatch
  • 30 Day Return Policy

Customer Reviews

Based on 1615 reviews
Great Product & Great Service

I think our home was built on the worst 'piece of dirt' in Australia. We've struggled for years (and paid high water rates) trying to keep our lawns properly hydrated. Well thankfully, that appears to be over. Restore Granular Soil Wetter works! That's all I need to know. If something works and it's fairly priced I'll buy it and use it. RGSW satisfies the criteria in both regards. Just a quick mention too about McKays. Their service is spotless. Products are all fairly priced. Online ordering is very easy. Your order is dispatched very quickly. it's a straightforward experience and a pleasure to deal with them. Thanks for the great service. I wish you well. Barry W.

Sports Turf Perennial Ryegrass Seed

everything was good even the germination.

I will use McKays again, if I ned grass seed again.

Local Doves Loved it

The local doves loved the seed that much they invited their friends and decided they were emus and bobbed across the turf area,

Strawberry Clover
Caroline F.
Early days

Clover is growing. Is smaller than I expected but hope it will provide cover and not die off when no sun. Taking time to grow- bit early to do a review

The grass is greener

Seed arrived promptly. Already shooting. Very happy

Excellent service

Despatched and delivered onetime, product as described

Good germination only put the seed down 5 day ago. Will use again.

Obvious new growth in less than 10 days! Cold weather-proof!

Does what McKays says on the box... Fast germinating (I actually used a thin layer of lawn clippings as the top dressing!) I had obvious new growth in less than 10 days with a cold and damp late April / early May in Melbourne Aust. The cover is thickening fast and outgrowing some of the less favourable ground cover (including chick weed and clover) which I am also controlling with Dicamba. Overall, I'm very happy with the result. Cons: I'll be sorry to see it go in 12 months!!


I can’t believe how great quick service McKays’s are ! I ordered twice from them now so happy with the quick turnaround. I waiting for my dichondra to grow , we have had so much rain . I know they want disappoint.

The doves got it

I wish I could give your seed a review, however the local and neighbouring Doves did an emu bob across my turf area and consumed at least 95% of the seed. The Local Does give you 5 Stars for taste and thieving.

Best ever quality of Grass Seed Blend

Extremely helpful and obliging Customer Service


Prompt delivery. Seed has been down just over a week (and temps are cold) seems to be germinating pretty well so far.

Rotary seed and fertiliser spreader

Fair product for price. Easy to put together. Works well


Love the results
1st test doing backyard

Amazing Customer Service

What amazing service I received from McKays. Rang with an issue and was resolved in 5 minutes. Cant thank the customer service people enough.

how dense?

The grass has already grown about 5cm,however, its a bit sparse. Are more seeds likely to germinate now or can I sow a few more in between? Thanks for your interest. Ellen

Grass Seed

I haven’t sowed them yet but will do so in the next 2 weeks.

Annual Ryegrass Seed

White Clover
Megan H.
Very Happy

Easy transaction. Seeds arrived quickly. Planted according to instructions and I now have a backyard covered in clover sprouts instead of a mud bowl. Very happy. Will definitely buy from McKays again.

Not used as yet, seed looks great, very clean,
Looking forward to using it

Budget Blend
Jill D.
Excellent price

Delivery was fast. Excellent price for a large area. Will use the seed in Spring as the first frost has arrived

93 Sanwae

Good advice which was really appreciated. Time pressures to get seeds in before soil cooled too much for germination however meant I would have made a different decision on ordering this Chewings Red seed had I known this was being separately forwarded from the mainland. I couldn’t be confident when these seeds would arrive as Express Post no longer in practice operates as Express Post. I spread and raked in the other seeds on a Thursday, after which day the Chewings Red seeds arrived. If I’d been informed Express Post was being used I would not have proceeded with the Chewings Red order.

The verbal advice and other info I received was however very helpful and I would use McKays again.

Regards, Sandra

The pigeons loved it.

Rather expensive bird seed.

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