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McKay’s Chewings Fescue is medium to dark green in colour. Chewings fescue is an ideal choice if you need low maintenance grass in shady situations where trees compete for nutrients and water. This grass performs well in open sun and moderate shade. It exhibits a very fine almost wiry texture and when left unmowed grows 12 to 15 inches high giving a ‘meadow’ effect. Grown on non-irrigated sites, Chewings Fescue will eventually go dormant and revive when the rains return. Chewings Fescue requires less than half the fertiliser and less mowing than other cool season turf grasses. It is ideal for sites that are hard to mow, on slopes, along creeks, roadsides, and golf course roughs and non-irrigated fairways, in reclamation areas, or as a cover crop under grapes and orchards.

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Seed & package details: 100% Chewing Fescue, 85% Min Germination, 98% purity. A seed testing Certificate is available upon request.

Ideal Usage: Residential Lawns, Commercial Landscapes, Parks, Playgrounds

Seeding rates:

  • New Lawns: 30 grams per square meter. For example: if you have 100 square meters you will need 3 kg.
  • Overseeding: 20 grams per square meter.

Where can I sow this grass in Australia? 

Areas: 4, 6, 7, 8, 9



Germination expectations: You will see germination in 10-14 days.

Shade Tolerance: Excellent

Daily Sunlight Required: 4+ hours

Drought Tolerance:  Very Good

Frost Resistance: Excellent

Traffic Tolerance: Very Good


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  • Warm
  • Cool

Warm season grasses thrive during the warmer months in Spring and Summer and may go dormant in cooler climates through winter.

Cool season grasses thrive during the cooler months in Winter

Seed information

Shade tolerance (Weather)

  • Full Sun
  • Part Shade
  • Heavy Shade
  • Full Shade

Drought tolerance (Weather)

  • Moderate
  • Good
  • Excellent

Traffic tolerance (Weather)

  • Moderate
  • Good
  • Excellent

Frost tolerance

  • Poor
  • Moderate
  • Good
  • Excellent

Average days to germination

  • 2-3 Weeks
  • 2-4 Weeks
  • 3-4 Weeks

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