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  • Australian Owned
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Lawn Care in the Lead-Up to Winter: Maintenance in May

  Winter is coming. Chilly conditions are on their way, and you’re looking at a few long months of sitting by the heater, rugged up with a cup of hot tea in your hands. But while you snuggle up indoors, some living creatures aren’t so lucky – your lawn for one....

All You Need to Know about Mowing Your Turf in Autumn

  Mowing in autumn – how difficult could it possibly be? You get your mower out, you start it, and you roll it over the top of your lawn, right? Sure, that’s the bare bones, but autumn is actually the most important time of year to get your mowing right. To grow...

​A Quick Guide to Sea Spray Seashore Paspalum

  When most people close their eyes and think of summer in Australia, their mind’s eye will conjure up images of endlessly long sandy beaches and a quarter acre block with a big patch of lawn, perhaps with a backyard cricket pitch in the middle. But while these...

​Is Autumn the Best Time to Seed a New Lawn?

  Seeding, or indeed reseeding, can be a tricky thing to perfect. As a lawn owner you want to get it right the first time, as you may only have one good shot at it. So with this sort of pressure in mind, when is the best time to sow lawn seed? Autumn is regarded...

A Quick Guide to Strawberry Clover

  Which ground cover can act as a lawn, a pasture and a green manure, while simultaneously looking great? Which ground cover has the ability to feed your livestock, stop erosion, and rejuvenate your soil as it grows? One of the most flexible ground covers...

The Secrets to Maintaining a Beautiful Lawn in Autumn

  As summer turns into autumn, which inevitably turns to winter, you’ll notice many plants beginning to lock up shop and hibernate. The coming cold represents a huge challenge to plants, with many of the more temperate areas of Australia experiencing minimal sun...

A Quick Guide to Pensacola Bahia Grass

  The dry, light and acidic soils so common in Australia’s north pose a tricky proposition for land owners. They drain quickly, making it difficult for plant life to get the water it needs to establish itself, and without proper coverage the earth is extremely...

Why Should I Aerate My Lawn?

  There are a few aspects of lawn maintenance that may not come particularly naturally to the standard lawn owner. Yes, you’re aware that you need to mow your turf regularly, and yes, giving it a drink when it’s thirsty is important. But over and above these...

Should I Use a Seed Spreader to Sow My Lawn?

  Seed spreaders, such as McKays’ Rotary Seed and Fertiliser Spreader, are fantastic pieces of kit. A purpose-built tool to spread seed onto a prepared surface, a seed spreader like McKays’ uses a rotary action to deliver seed to your soil in a controlled, evenly...
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