Builders, landscapers, real estate agents, and prospective home buyers know that there’s something very special about a lush, green lawn at the front of a property to make it particularly appealing.

Achieving that lawn – quickly, effectively, and to budget – is not always easy. A quick solution is ready-to-roll turf, but rarely is it financially viable. As a tradesperson, paying for turf is an unwelcome expense. Planting lawn seed is cheaper, but many varieties will be too slow growing to have the first impression impact of the vibrant lawn.

Enter McKays’ Builders’ Budget Blend. This is the perfect lawn seed solution for anyone looking to grow a lawn on the cheap and on the fly.

Fast growing, low effort, great reward

The Builders’ Budget Blend is made up of 50 percent perennial ryegrass, 40 percent annual ryegrass, and 10 percent slow release fertiliser. The ryegrasses are one of the quickest grass varieties to germinate, meaning you can leave planting the seed to the last minute and can expect germination and green coverage in a fortnight or less.

The annual ryegrass germinates quickly and provides a visually appealing ground cover before dying off in the first big summer heat. The perennial ryegrass will establish itself as a permanent lawn and will grow back year after year. In colder parts of Australia the perennial ryegrass will remain as a green turf all year round.

These grasses have high traffic tolerance once established, meaning they’re perfect for a family home. The lawn the builder plants isn’t decorative and delicate when you use the Builders’ Budget Blend. This lawn will withstand the wear and tear of the family who move into the house well after the construction team have moved on.

The other joy of the Builders’ Budget Blend is the addition of the slow release fertiliser. The fertiliser is essential in rapid and healthy lawn establishment. As it is already mixed into the lawn seed blend, it removes the hassle of having to buy and apply a separate fertiliser. Planting and fertilising are achieved in the one process.

Bulk size and budget-friendly

At $199.00 per bag, the Builders’ Budget Blend works out to be less than $10 per kilo, making it one of the cheapest lawn blends of its quality available on the market today.

The blend comes in 20kg bags – perfect for covering large areas of dirt or yard which need to be prettied up quickly. New lawns will only need 30 grams per square metre, meaning that 100 square metres will only need 3kg. For builders, tradespeople, or city councils, one bag will last multiple projects, meaning you don’t have to keep buying small amounts of seed for each project. Overseeding only requires 20 grams per square metre, so the seed can be kept and reapplied annually to give the lawn a boost after the heat of summer is over.

Builders’ Budget Blend – not just for builders

This seed mix is useful to more than just construction teams looking to make the yard of a new build look more appealing. The economic value and large bag size of the Builders’ Budget Blend makes it a great choice for property owners with large spaces to cover.

Similarly, for sporting clubs or councils looking to cover nature strips or playgrounds, the blend is a great choice. The added bonus in these circumstances is that the ryegrasses are soft and pleasant to touch, making them a nice surface for these communal spaces.

For anyone who needs to cover an area with an appealing green lawn quick smart and for little cost, McKays’ Builders’ Budget Blend is the way to go. The fertiliser is already mixed in and ready to go, saving you the hassle of buying and applying it separately, and the ryegrasses will seem to germinate before your eyes. At less than $10 per kilo, the 20kg bag will last for multiple projects or overseeding.

It’s the perfect lawn for construction sites, commercial landscapes, residential developments, community spaces, or large yards in need of coverage.


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