Australia is a big place. It’s hugely diverse from one corner to another, in culture, geography, and climate. We can’t even agree on what to name a big beer – it changes from a pint to a schooner depending on what state you’re in.

Just as the beer you order changes according to state, so does the best lawn variety for your yard. Queensland is a world of its own, and needs its own set of recommendations for future lawn growers. What’s best for Hobart certainly isn’t going to be the best for Townsville. Let’s have a look at some lawn advice specifically for Banana Benders.

Lawn Varieties to Choose From

As a general rule, lawn varieties can be categorised as “cool season” or “warm season.” And, as a general rule, Queensland weather is warm. As you might have been able to guess, it’s the warm season ones you should be considering for your Sunshine State yard.

The three most common options are Bermuda, green couch, kikuyu, and Queensland blue couch (if that name didn’t give it away already). There are a few other obscure species which have been developed, but when it comes to purchasing some instant turf or lawn seeds, these are the ones which you’ll easily be able to find.

Seed mixes tend to have warm and cool season seeds in them. It’s important to check the blend before you purchase it, as it may not be a good option for your Queensland property. Ask your seed supplier or read the contents to see what varieties are in the blend. Aim for one which has a higher percentage of warm season grass, or, even better, as your seed supplier what’s best for your local area.

Whether you choose to roll out instant turf or to grow your lawn from seed, it’s best to begin the process in the summer months or at least between September and March. This warmer weather suits the new lawn best. In the subtropical southern areas of the state it’s important to water the seeds or instant turf regularly to keep them moist. In the northern areas there is usually less need for watering as the tropical rain will keep it hydrated. If you’re in a dry spell, however, you might have to bring out the hose.

Best Lawn Variety

Even across Queensland alone the climates vary drastically. What’s right for Toowoomba probably won’t be best for Cairns. I hear you.

Most of the general lawn advice given out for Australian lawns ignores that large swathe of land which lies in the tropics. But don’t despair, Far Northerners, there’s a lawn for you.

Kikuyu is heralded as the optimum grass variety for tropical areas. It’s cheap, hardy, fast growing, tolerates heavy traffic, and is low maintenance. It’s perfect for most backyards. It does require keeping in check or else it might overrun your yard, but that’s par for the course for most plants in the tropics. You’ll just have to trim back your kikuyu lawn when you’re trimming back your other garden features.

Lawn Varieties Queenslanders Should Avoid

Once again, this is pretty straightforward – most grass varieties which are considered “cool season” grasses won’t love the northern weather. They might germinate or even establish reasonable well in some southern areas, but keeping your lawn thriving and successful will be an uphill battle.

With this in mind, the varieties you’ll be looking to avoid include Kentucky bluegrass, annual and perennial ryegrass, tall fescue, and bentgrass.

Grass varieties for Queensland Pastures

Banana Benders looking to plant a pasture might become concerned looking at that list of grass varieties to avoid. It includes the main pasture grasses which are recommended for the rest of Australia. But, of course, Queensland is known for its sweeping, fertile plains, so of course there has to be something for potential paddock growers to choose from. And, of course, there is.

There are plenty of great options for Queensland pastures. Instead of tall fescues and ryegrasses, opt for Rhodes grasses. Any good lawn seed supplier should also stock a tropical pasture seed mix which will have a blend of pasture grasses to keep your feed levels high all year round.


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