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  • Australian Owned
  • Fast dispatch
  • 30 Day Return Policy
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  • Australian Owned
  • Fast dispatch
  • 30 Day Return Policy
  • Fast dispatch
  • 30 Day Return Policy


Here at McKays we’re always trying to push the boundaries with innovative and quality turf breeds and blends. Solving the issues thrown up by the challenging Australian climate by offering industry leading turf options is what we do. And one such example is our Parks Blend.

McKays Parks Blend is a mixture of 50 percent Turf Type Tall Fescue, 40 percent Kentucky Bluegrass and 10 percent slow release fertiliser. This combination represents a fantastic option for anyone in the more temperate areas of Australia. Both the Fescue and the Bluegrass are gorgeous looking grasses, and the strengths of both types cover much of the weaknesses of the other.

So in which situations should you use this beautiful blend?

1) Public Parks

The clue, you’ll note, is in the title. You guessed it, McKays Parks Blend was specifically formulated to perform in a park setting. And there are a few very good reasons that this particular blend of grasses was chosen.

Turf Type Tall Fescue is a workhorse of a cool season grass. It serves as the backup to the more beautiful but slightly less hardy Kentucky Bluegrass. The Fescue has roots that stretch down up to 2 metres into the soil, allowing it to reach moisture that most other cool season grasses cannot. This makes it one of the most drought resistant cool season grasses available, and great for parks that are difficult to irrigate. But when the rain comes and the grass explodes, the Kentucky Bluegrass will take over, filling the park with its bluish hue.

2) Shaded Backyards

Both Turf Type Tall Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass perform fantastically well in the shade. This makes them a brilliant choice for backyards that may be a little closed in by surrounding structures, or that have trees and shrubs spread throughout.

Both Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass aren’t super-fast growers, so you won’t need to mow your lawn as much as you might with Australian favourites such as Couch and Kikuyu. The blend is also able to grow in low fertility soil, but will perform best if fertilised once or twice a year. Keep in mind that while your lawn won’t die too easily it’s still important to guard against an iffy maintenance regime, as it will certainly look its best (and allow the Bluegrass to thrive) if you are careful to mow, irrigate and fertilise regularly.

3) Under Playgrounds

Once again, the shade tolerance of this blend makes it the perfect choice to line a playground with. The grass underneath the slide will look just as good as the grass in full sun.

The comfort of both grasses shouldn’t be underestimated either. The Kentucky Bluegrass in particular features a super soft blade that makes it a joy to run around on, and it’s also one of the few cool season grasses that spreads via rhizomes (underground stems that grow out horizontally from the roots of the grass), which makes for an incredibly dense and spongy mat of turf underfoot. Parks Blend is perfect for anywhere that hosts playtime, for adults and kiddies alike!

4) Display Turf

The beauty of McKays Parks Blend makes it an obvious candidate for use as a display turf. The better you treat Parks Blend the better it will look, and if you’ve only got a small patch of display turf to maintain this routine will be able to be kept to a minimum. But you’ll still have the confidence that the lawn will survive if left unattended for a period of time, thanks to the hardiness of the Turf Type Tall Fescue.

There are obviously many other uses and applications for McKays Parks Blend over and above those that are mentioned here. With its low maintenance requirements, great looks and hardy demeanour, Parks Blend represents a terrific choice for anyone living below the Australian subtropics.

If you’ve got any other queries about Parks Blend, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at McKays.

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