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The 4 Best Uses and Applications for Kikuyu


Kikuyu is a name that’s been long associated with enjoying the great Australian outdoors. One of Australia’s favourite grasses, almost every Aussie would have found it between their toes at some point in their lives. For decades it and Couch were the go-to turfs for homeowners Down Under.

The continued development of Kikuyu has meant that McKays Pure Kikuyu seed is the hardiest, lowest maintenance and most beautiful variety of Kikuyu yet, having been bred specifically to handle the tough Australian climate.

So what can you use this stunning grass for? Here are four of the best places to sow Kikuyu lawn seed.

1) Residential Lawns

As mentioned above, Australians have long looked to Kikuyu as the perfect backyard turf option. It is a truly beautiful grass, with a bright green leaf that is also soft and spongy. A well-maintained patch of Kikuyu is as stunning a lawn as you could ask for. What’s more, it doesn’t need to be molly-coddled to stay green – it is drought resistant, pest resistant and disease resistant, and can grow in fairly average soil.

The only real downside to Kikuyu for homeowners is the fact that it’s an aggressive grower. This will mean that you may need to mow your Kikuyu more than you might another grass, and you’ll also need to create a firm barrier around your lawn to ensure that your grass doesn’t spread into your flower beds, veggie patch or into your neighbour’s yard.

2) Sports Fields

Kikuyu has an incredible ability to repair itself, mostly thanks to its aggressive growth habits. It features both Rhizomes (underground runners) and Stolons (overground runners) which serve to spread the grass, and allow it to fix itself quickly. This makes Kikuyu a favourite option for sports clubs, as an AFL or rugby league team can tear it up to their heart’s content, and be confident that it will be ready to play on again just a week or two later.

Kikuyu is also often utilised on golf fairways. The low maintenance requirements help to keep the need for ground staff to a minimum (although they will need to mow it regularly) and any divots dug out by badly swung seven irons will quickly grow over.

3) Public Parks

Kikuyu loves the sun. It grows best when fully exposed, so the wide expanses found in Australia’s public parks will make it feel right at home. Its ability to spread out over a space will mean that a small patch can come to cover a large area relatively quickly, and any bare patches can be oversown with seed to further speed up the repair.

The soft blade makes Kikuyu a joy to play or simply have a picnic on, and the grass will need minimal irrigation to stay alive (but will certainly look its best if treated to a drink every now and again).

4) Airports

Another expansive area that may necessitate the use of a grass that can spread, airports are the perfect place to plant Kikuyu. The complete lack of trees on the airfield will allow the Kikuyu to enjoy full sun, and the lack of a simple way to irrigate will mean that the Kikuyu’s excellent drought resistance will come in particularly handy.

It’s important to note that Kikuyu is a warm season grass, and does have a weakness when it comes to frosts. While it will do well in the cooler areas of Australia during the summertime, if your region is prone to frosts and chilly winters then it may not be the best option.

Thanks to its unique combination of beauty, comfort, hardiness and aggressive growing, Kikuyu is a fantastic option for a wide range of uses and applications. It’s a grass that very rarely disappoints.

If you’ve got any questions or queries relating to whether Kikuyu is a smart choice for your area, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at McKays!

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