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Essential Lawn Accessories: Why Do I Need an Aerator and a Seed Spreader?


You’re a responsible lawn owner – the proud mother or father of a truly beautiful patch of turf. And as a responsible lawn owner you know that you require the right tools to do the right jobs.

You’ve got a mower to give your grass a haircut. You’ve got an edge trimmer to trim the edges. You’ve got some form of irrigation system to keep your turf properly hydrated. What else could you possibly need?

There are two other lawn tools which so often fall under the radar of even the most responsible lawn owners: the aerator and the seed spreader. While their functions are very different, both simply aim to get your lawn looking the very best it can.

So what are these tools? And why do you need them? Let’s take a look.

Lawn Aerator

What is it? A lawn aerator is a tool that uses spikes to punch holes in your soil. It’ll generally be of a rolling design, allowing you to cover large areas quickly. The holes it prods into the soil will generally be around 10cm deep, and spaced 10 or so centimetres apart

Why do I need it? Why do I need holey soil? Well, soil tends to compact over time, particularly in areas of heavy rain, heavy traffic or in regions with clay-based soils. This compaction can mean that the soil becomes impenetrable. The things that your lawn requires to be healthy – water, nutrients and oxygen – aren’t able to get to the lawn’s roots, weakening the plant over time and, if the compaction is bad enough, perhaps even killing it.

The role of the lawn aerator is to mitigate this compaction. The holes it forms allow these vital ingredients for the lawn’s growth to penetrate the surface, reaching the plant’s roots. Healthy roots result in healthy growth above ground; a well-aerated lawn is a dense, bright and lush lawn.

If your lawn is planted in a clay-based soil, is subject to traffic, or is in an area that experiences heavy rain from time to time, McKays’ Rolling Lawn Aerator is an excellent addition to your garden shed.

Seed Spreader

What is it? A seed spreader is a tool which enables you to evenly spread any granular substance over an area, be it a lawn or otherwise. Whether you need to spread seed, topsoil, fertiliser or even road salt, seed spreaders allow you to complete this task efficiently and effectively.

Why do I need it? A complete lawn maintenance regime will include elements of fertilising (usually with a slow release, nitrogen-heavy fertiliser), reseeding (spreading seed over less dense areas of your lawn), and spreading topsoil (to even out any dips and bumps that form in your lawn). All of these jobs require the even spread of a substance – a task that can be difficult to do well by hand.

Seed spreaders seek to spread whatever granular substance you care to name evenly and efficiently. Good spreaders will allow you to adjust the rate of spread, and will be designed to minimise effort and maximise coverage.

When you next need to fertilise, reseed or resoil your lawn, McKays’ seed spreaders could well be a worthwhile investment. Mckays’ offer both a simple handheld spreader for small areas, and a 25L rotary spreader for those with larger lawns to cover.

While many lawn owners may think that they don’t need much more than a mower to properly maintain their lawns, those who want their patch to be the talk of the neighbourhood know better. By using professional quality tools, you’ll be well on your way to a professional quality lawn.

If you’ve got any further questions regarding what lawn maintenance equipment you should have in your shed, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at McKays!

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